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Frequently Asked Questions

My son is a Freshman. Is it too early to start thinking about College for him?

Absolutely not! Freshman are ideal as there is plenty of time to work with them and help them answer their "why". Why do I need good grades? Why do I need good test scores? Why do I need to take certain classes?

Is it too late to help Seniors?

That depends. While we don't accept Seniors into our high level programs after Oct 15th of the Senior year, you still have time to implement financial strategies up until the time that you file financial aid forms.

If I book a call, will I be able to work with you directly or will it be a constituent?

Your Initial call could be with me or it could be with a highly trained member of my team. If you become a higher level service client you will eventually be meeting with me directly as I am always the "go-to".

Does my daughter still need to take the SAT? I heard many colleges don't require it anymore.

While "test-optional" may work for admissions, we have proven that the $$$ will follow the test scores. Colleges do not have enough data to award scholarships on GPA alone as not every high school carries the same accreditation. But more importantly, test optional does not tell you how well a student will perform at a college. It will only get them in the door

Do you provide help with the essay?

While we should never change the voice of a student,there are areas where they do need assistance. That is why I created "The Ultimate Essay Framework" that is available within the members section that you have free access to when you become a client. This course contains 18 modules that will assist the student with both their personal statement and their supplemental essay's.

How much money will we get from FAFSA?

FAFSA does not award money. It is a form. It is a form that is used to determine your Expected Family Contribution. This is covered extensively during your call.